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Group Rehabilitation

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The programme aims to increase confidence, awareness and support prisoners to help find and maintain recovery, and ultimately start to build their recovery capital before they are released. The intensive groups starts to change the way that prisoners think, behave and focus. This gives them the tools they need to not just stop using substances but actually give people a fulfilled life. 

All individuals who used the services agreed that all of their training was relevant and appropriate.

"It's like the group has been tailored just for me."

Of individuals who have used the course agreed they could apply their learning to their day-to-day recovery journey.

"These groups give me the tools and confidence to live my life without returning to prison."

"The groups are special and should be delivered to all prisoners."

"The groups help me for when I get out, and that I have got support and knowledge for when I get out. This makes me believe I can and will be a better person who can change my life around."

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