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12 Week Aftercare

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Over the years of working with front line services in Birmingham we have been able to identify and build a streamline referral process, utilising lived experience within services. 

Foundation 2 change is offering a bespoke package for all prison leavers who are part of our 8-week groups, within the prison. The purpose of this package is to maintain the lived experience element with the inside prison support, through the prison gate and into the community with a multi-agency approach with an individual’s needs at the forefront. The vision is for the prison and the community to work as one as from our own experience and assessments with the prisons over a year’s period within Winson Green asking the prisoners; “What they felt was missing for positive change to break the cycle of the revolving door “ 

Care and support plans will be completed within the prison, so we are able to tailor the right support when in the community.

Our package will not only get you 12 weeks of support whereby you will be picked up from the prison gate and taken to appointments, hobbies, housing, medical advice, benefits, mutual aid & recovery forums tailored to the individuals.

We have also been able do something that has never been done before. We have been able to build a package of lived experience workers within all 4 main criteria of support Mental Health, Homelessness, Substance misuse, offending, within services so when clients attend appointments, they will be met with someone who knows and understands their fears and lack of trust in services and can guide them through the recovery process.  


Service Benefits:

Transition into the community

Trust and repour 

Housing advice, liaison and referral

Community outreach

Welfare benefits 

Access to Education and Employment
... and more!

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