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Library of Birmingham

"Powerful, emotional, exciting and life changing."

We believe in giving everybody a second chance

We are helping to provide a route out of HMP Birmingham for repeat offenders with multiple and complex needs. This will be into appropriate rehabilitation units, recovery housing, training/work opportunities to transform the lives of prisoners, breaking the revolving door cycle of  the criminal justice system. 

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Why choose Foundations 2 Change for your rehabilitation?

Carrying the message

All of the Foundations 2 Change team have lived experience of the criminal justice system, with decades of recovery from addiction, offending, homelessness and mental health. We understand the impact it can make on the lives of others... And is what is the driving force that had made us productive members of society and managing services within Birmingham. 

We know that the message of hope can be carried to all involved with this program, trust and rapport can be built instantaneously as experience is shared of what changes we made to impact positive change, which in turn stopped the revolving door cycle for the Foundations 2 Change team. 

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Why us?

We know that recovery is possible, as we have taken the journey from the prison gate and into the community. We know first-hand the internal triggers and exterior barriers that kept us stuck within the criminal justice system. 

Our program is a rehabilitation model that has impacted many lives over the years, changing addicts into productive members of society. The ripple effect has healed communities and families of all involved. Why shouldn't the prison population have this opportunity?

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